In fēnix® 3, uncompromising performance meets uncompromising design.

No longer do demanding athletes have to make a compromise – fēnix® 3 is both a cutting edge sport watch and a bold statement to your active lifestyle as an everyday time piece. With fēnix 3, Garmin has achieved the ultimate fusing of state-of-the art fitness training features and satellite navigation with rugged, attractive construction and customisable smart watch capabilities.

No matter what you are about to take on. This is your watch!

fēnix 3 Sapphire

Athletic watch style with refined training features including Elevate wrist heart rate technology

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A serious metal dress time piece and serious GPS sport watch all in one.

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High end material for the high end GPS sport watch — a bold statement also as a serious dress timepiece.

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Enduring design with classic genuine leather strap (nylon strap included) and range of fitness and navigation features.

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Grey with Leather Strap

GPS Sport watch that combines timeless good looks with smart features for fitness training and outdoor navigation.

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Silver with Leather Band

For the decent hint of opulence without compromising on the full blown sport feature set.

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Rose Gold-tone with White Band

fēnix 3

Pure GPS sport performance with great athletic style.

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Silver with Red Band

Pure GPS sport performance with great athletic style.

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Grey with Black Band

Wrist-based heart rate

With fēnix 3 HR watch, you can train with more freedom. Garmin-exclusive Elevate wrist heart rate technology lets you track heart rate data on your wrist without needing an additional chest strap. fēnix 3 Sapphire HR now allows you even to monitor your fitness 24/7.* Now you can train whenever wherever you want, with full performance feedback – the only thing you need is your watch.

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Rise Above Your Limits

Train without limits.

Trail runners get a full menu of features from accurate performance data during running to reliable navigation aids for safe orientation off the beaten track. fēnix 3 adds GLONASS satellite reception for more reliable reception. And features like Auto Climb/Run Switch and the Climb Odometer add to the already extensive set.

  • Auto Climb/Run SwitchAutomatically senses elevation changes and adjusts your screen to the relevant data.
  • Climb OdometerKeeps track of total elevation ascent for all your activities.
  • GPS/GLONASSDual satellite system tracking for more reliable fixes.
  • Up to 50 hrs UltraTracGPS setting, cycles GPS on/off to save battery, enables up to 50 hours of use.

Explore with confidence.

For adventurers, explorers and alpinists, fēnix 3 training watch provides the degree of confidence they require to safely reach their destinations while navigating challenging environments. fēnix 3 provides the classic ABC outdoor navigation tool set refined with cutting edge GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation technology to provide our highest sensor precision and performance.

  • Track RecordingAllows user to record a log of their path via GPS for later review.
  • TracBack® navigates back to starting pointAllows user to reverse current track log to guide back to starting position.
  • Auto-Calibration for Altimeter and Compass Measures changes in atmospheric pressure for current elevation and changes in the weather.
  • LiveTrack feature via Garmin Connect online fitness community Lets others track your activities in real time through Garmin Connect Mobile and your smartphone.

Run with advanced coaching features.

fēnix 3 offers a set of running training features so advanced, it's like training with a coach. When used with the HRM-Run monitor, fēnix 3 can give you feedback on your running form by showing your ground contact time balance, vertical ratio and real-time stride length1. And with physiological measurements, fēnix 3 can also give you your stress score2, performance condition2 and lactate threshold2.

1. When paired with HRM-Run monitor; included with some models, sold separately on others.

2. When paired with heart rate monitor; included with some models, sold separately on others.

  • Vertical oscillation and ratioMeasures inefficient motion, "bounce," of your torso (centimeters) while running.
  • Ground contact time and balanceThe amount of time your foot spends on the ground while running (milliseconds).
  • CadenceThe number of total steps (right and left combined) per minute. Provides audible beeps for target cadence.
  • Stride lengthHelps determine optimum pace by measuring distance between steps lengths.
  • Stress scoreMeasures heart rate variability while standing still, to estimate stress level. Low scores indicate lower stress levels.
  • Performance conditionCompares your real-time condition to your average fitness levels, after running for 16-20 minutes.
  • Lactate thresholdAnalyses pace and heart rate, to calculate fatigue as your heart and muscles produce lactic acid.

Get qualified without changing watches.

For tri-athletes, fēnix 3 training watch offers advanced features that help you train smarter and compete harder in the water, in the saddle and on the road. This includes features such as running dynamics and recovery check, VO2 max and power meter for cycling, swim metrics and swim drill logging for both open water and pool training. It even works indoors.

  • Running dynamicsProvides real-time feedback on: cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time.
  • Recovery checkPair with HRM for real-time state of recovery within minutes of your workout.
  • VO2 MaxEstimate of maximum capacity of your body to transport and use oxygen during exercise.
  • Support for HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim monitors Compatible heart rate monitors designed for swim training. Transmits all data once you leave the water.
  • Bike power meter supportView Vector cadence and power meter metrics.
  • Swim metrics, swim drill loggingDisplays detailed swim data, including distance, pace, stroke count, stroke rate and SWOLF score.

True performance meets true style

fēnix 3 is designed to meet the expectations of demanding athletes who expose their equipment to harsh environments on a daily basis. The result is the ultimate expression of Garmin function and technology combined with uncompromising style and finish.

All fēnix 3 models are equipped with EXO antenna, fully integrated into the protective metal bezel. The large, high-resolution colour display, featuring Garmin Chroma Display technology, keeps both classic analogue and custom watch faces sharp.

We created a series of watches that feature a range of quality materials from stainless steel to titanium and from natural leather to ballistic nylon. To make sure you find the fēnix that best suits your kind of activity and style.

fēnix 3 Sapphire Titanium

fēnix 3 Sapphire Metal

fēnix 3 Sapphire Grey with Leather Strap

It's go time. Garmin Connect is our free online community where people on the move can save, plan and share their activities. Connect with other users to challenge and compete. Available on your desktop or compatible mobile device.

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Personalise your fēnix 3.

Personalise your fēnix 3 with free downloads from our Connect IQ store. You can customise your watch face, add data fields and get apps and widgets that provide information at a glance.

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Which fēnix is right for you?

fēnix 2
fēnix 3
fēnix 3 Sapphire
fēnix 3 HR
Multiple sport profiles
Advanced running dynamics
Physiological metrics
Garmin Connect
GPS navigation
Preloaded basemap
ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass)
Wireless Capabilities ANT+®, Bluetooth® ANT+, Bluetooth, Wifi® ANT+, Bluetooth, Wifi ANT+, Bluetooth, Wifi
Water Rating1 5 ATM 10 ATM 10 ATM 10 ATM
Battery 16 hrs GPS
50 hrs UltraTrac
20 hrs GPS
50 hrs UltraTrac
20 hrs GPS
50 hrs UltraTrac
16 hrs GPS
40 hrs UltraTrac
Colour display
Connect IQ
EXO antenna
Activity tracking2
Advanced smart features3
Virtual Racer software feature4
Race predictor, recovery advisor & personal records
Metronome (cadence training)
Scratch-resistant sapphire lens
Styles that include an additional band Metal, Silver with Leather Band, Grey with Leather Strap
Elevate wrist-based heart rate2

fēnix 2

fēnix 3
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fēnix 3 Sapphire
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fēnix 3 HR
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Performer Bundle adds HRM-Run monitor for additional fitness training features

fēnix 3
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fēnix® 3 Sapphire
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fēnix® 3 HR
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