No runner is the same, and neither are our watches.
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When it comes to continuous updates on pace, distance and time, the Forerunner® 10 and 15 are the perfect teammates to have. The Virtual Pacer feature lets you know when to pick it up or slow it down by comparing current pace to target pace. Stay motivated with personal record alerts.




The mentor provides extra guidance when gearing up for the next big race. Choose from existing training plans or customize your own on Garmin Connect, then instantly upload them to your 220. For extra motivation from family and friends when using the 220, live tracking is available using the Garmin Connect Mobile app on a smartphone.




The Forerunner 620 and 920XT break down your running into an exact science. Based on heart rate, VO2 max estimate can provide recovery time advice and race time predictions. Improve your form with revolutionary running dynamics data, such as cadence, ground contact time and vertical oscillation.



The Forerunner 10 is the simplest device in the Forerunner family. The easy-to-use, lightweight GPS watch lets you start your run with just a press of a button. Stay on track throughout your training by having pace, time and distance readily on display with just one glance.

The Forerunner 15 adds on to being a reliable pacer by including heart rate compatibility and activity tracking. Have your heart rate and heart rate zone recorded by using a heart rate strap¹ on your runs. Continue to have activity recorded throughout the day with the built-in activity tracker that counts steps, calories and monitors sleep.
¹Included with some models, sold separately on others.

Integrate workouts into your running routine seamlessly with the Forerunner 210. Create customized interval sessions and then see your pace for each interval all on your watch, no uploads from Garmin Connect necessary. Once you complete a workout, you have the option to upload your activity data to Garmin Connect to review in more detail.

If you’re looking to add more structure to your training, the Forerunner 220 has you covered. Personalize your workouts with free training plans from Garmin Connect and instantly upload them to your watch. For extra motivation, we’ve added live tracking so your friends and family can cheer you on, every mile along the way.

The Forerunner 620 gives you all the numbers and data behind your running so you can see which areas you may want to improve on. When used with the HRM-Run™ monitor¹ to measure metrics such as vertical oscillation, cadence and ground contact, the 620 is able to provide you with feedback on how to improve your form. For even more expert coaching, we’ve provided VO2 max estimate and recovery time advising, so you know when to push it and when to ease up after a grueling workout.
¹Included with some models, sold separately on others.

The 920XT multisport GPS watch is ideal for triathletes since it provides both swimming and cycling metrics in addition to running. It has all the features of the 620 with the added bonus of daily activity tracking. Auto sync to Garmin Connect where you can save, plan and share your efforts with others.

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Forerunner 10 Forerunner 15 Forerunner 210 Forerunner 220 Forerunner 620 Forerunner 920XT
Color display
Auto Pause®
Auto Lap®
Personal records
Virtual Pacer
Heart rate-based calorie computation
Calculates calories burned
Customizable screen(s)
Advanced workouts
VO2 max estimate
Recovery advisor
Race predictor
Running dynamics
Connected features
Step counter
Auto goal
Move bar
Sleep monitoring
Pace alert

Virtual Pacer

The Virtual Pacer lets you know when to pick it up or slow it down by comparing your current running pace to the target pace you had set.

Foot Pod Compatibility

Keep tracking your distance and pace indoors by pairing your Forerunner 15 with a an optional foot pod¹ which attaches to the laces of your shoe.
¹Sold separately

Interval Training

Create interval workouts all at your wrist using the interval feature. Here you can set up times or distances for each section of your run, whether it be your warm-up length or interval length.

Live Tracking

Have your friends and fans follow you on your runs and see your stats in real time by downloading the free Garmin Connect Mobile app to your mobile device then pairing it with your Forerunner 220.

VO2 Max Estimate

Forerunner 620 can estimate your VO2 max, your body’s maximal oxygen consumption. Knowing your VO2 max is a great way to measure your physical fitness and improve your performance.

Running, Swimming and Cycling Metrics

This multisport GPS watch is perfect for triathletes looking to record and analyze their training and racing data.






Having a Forerunner grants you exclusive access to Garmin Connect, where you can track your progress and earn virtual badges for extra motivation. You can also join online challenges and connect, compete and compare with friends and family.

Training Plans

Whether you’re training for your first 5k or your first marathon, we have a training plan for you. With professional expertise, we’ve crafted a variety of 12 week training plans suited for all levels and distances. For real-time coaching, you can even schedule the workouts and send to your Forerunner if your watch has the advanced workouts feature.

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