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What is Connext?

Connext is delivering the truly connected cockpit – one that seamlessly brings together people, flight information and portable devices in ways you’ve only before imagined. From wirelessly uploading databases and flight plans from your iPad to calling your spouse from 10,000 feet to let them know when you’ll be home, Connext promises to revolutionize your flying.

Cockpit Connectivity

Database Concierge

Spend more time flying and less time maintaining your databases. With Connext Database Concierge, you’ll streamline the update process for your navigation data, charts, and more. Each database will automatically download to your portable device at home and then upload quickly to all your avionics when you get to the airport. It doesn’t get any easier and efficient.

Garmin Databases

Customers have trusted Garmin for decades not only with their avionics but the data that helps them navigate. Garmin has a complete suite of data solutions, from our own Garmin Navigation Database to charts, to keep your avionics current with flexible and cost-effective prices. We offer a single, annual price to update all of the databases available for a single Garmin navigator. Likewise, a OnePak™ provides all the database updates for all the Garmin avionics in your aircraft and a Garmin portable, plus a Premium IFR Garmin Pilot subscription. Pair Garmin database services with Database Concierge for the most cost effective and hassle-free database management experience available.

Flight Stream

The connected cockpit you’ve been dreaming of may be the one you already have.

Now you can add to the wealth of information you see on every flight with select Garmin portables or mobile devices running Garmin PilotTM or ForeFlight Mobile apps – to access traffic, satellite and ADS-B weather, GPS and attitude.

Even better, you can keep your flight plan in sync between your iPad and navigator. So when ATC wants you to make an amendment, you can easily change it with a few touches to Garmin Pilot or ForeFlight Mobile, and it’s updated to your navigator in a snap.

Automated Logbook

Garmin Pilot and your D2™ Bravo series pilot watch already know everything about your flight, and now they can help update your logbook, too. As you takeoff, the Logbook feature in either device can automatically open an entry and begin to record flight data, including date and time, day/night, aircraft type, duration of flight, departure and destination, and more. When you land — and your tablet can access the Internet — it’ll automatically upload the entry to You can login to either or Garmin Pilot later to add remarks, endorsements, and more.


Keep your focus on flying with Connext remote-control functionality. It allows your passengers to view and change SiriusXM radio channels on their own so you stay less distracted in flight. And with a Connext service plan, you can use Garmin Pilot to access the contacts in your phone, to send and receive text messages and initiate phone calls.

Connext also enables you to wirelessly control VIRB action cameras. View what your remotely mounted camera is seeing, then start and stop recording as you desire, capture still photos, view elapsed time and more, currently only available with the G3X Touch and Garmin Pilot.


Whether it’s a datalink that brings weather and traffic information from a nationwide ADS-B network, or a localized Bluetooth®/Wi-fi connection between individual devices, wireless technology is revolutionizing how pilots use and connect with their portable devices in the cockpit.

For example, handy reminders and alerts from the Garmin Pilot™ app wirelessly appear on the D2™ series of pilot watches. You can also remotely control start/stop, view elapsed time, and capture still shots on the VIRB™ series of action cameras using any of the D2™ series of pilot watches or compatible tablet or mobile device.

Global Connectivity

World Wide Weather

With World Wide Weather through Connext, you can easily check weather conditions in virtually every corner of the globe. World Wide Weather gives you access to NEXRAD radar, cloud cover, METARs, TAFs and much more for any point on the globe where the data is available. You can access this information right on your Garmin flight display from virtually anywhere in the world.

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