This Is dēzl

If truck driving is your business, rely on premium trucking navigation that delivers as well as you do.

Serious Hardware

Experience easy-to-see, high-resolution touchscreens and easy-to-hear, extra loud speakers. Built with the proven quality you expect from Garmin.

All-in-one Trucking Navigator Plus Dash Cam

dēzlCam is our first all-in-one premium navigator plus dash cam for truckers. It features Garmin navigation tools designed with truckers in mind, plus a built-in Dash Cam1 serves as an onboard eyewitness.

Customized Truck Routing2

Just input the specs of your rig and load. dēzl uses your profile to find the most efficient route across the U.S. and Canada and alerts you to conditions that could affect you along the way.

Onscreen Guidance

This is GPS for trucks. Rely on advanced Garmin technology to help you navigate complicated interchanges and keep you informed about the latest road conditions ahead. Along the route, quickly and easily find points of interest that matter to professional drivers.

Easy Break Planning

dēzl 580LMT-S provides timely notifications for breaks with suggestions for nearby trucking points of interest such as truck stops, weigh stations, rest areas and more. Additionally, select dēzl navigators are compatible with the Garmin eLog compliant ELD3, which automatically tracks and records Hours of Service.


All features not included on all models. See specific product pages for details.

Built-in Dash Cam

dēzlCam is a 6.0″ premium trucking navigator with a built-in, high-definition dash cam that serves as your onboard eyewitness by continually recording your drive. The swivel lens is adjustable for optimal viewing angle from your windshield or dashboard.

The Incident Detection (G-sensor) automatically saves video footage if a collision or harsh braking is detected.

Use the Snapshot feature to take still pictures, and even remove dēzlCam from your truck to take close-up pictures of collision damage, if needed. Play back video footage right on the large 6.0″ display, or watch later on your computer. Includes microSD card for recording driving footage, no separate purchase required.

Magnetic Mount and Charger

dēzlCam comes with a powerful magnetic mount that features a built-in charger. The mount aligns dēzlCam and safely secures it to your dashboard. Plus, while you drive, the unit is constantly charging.

dēzl® GPS for trucks

Route Warnings for Truckers

Drive smarter with more knowledge at your fingertips. On the road, dēzl constantly reviews your profile information and informs you of conditions that impact you.

Advisories and cautions alert you to sharp curves, high wind areas, grounding risks and restrictions, including no trailer or hazardous materials.

Trucking speed limits appear when lower than those posted for cars.

Detailed grade info prepares you for descents and ascents.

If you are affected by after-sunset regulations, know local sunrise and sunset times. On the road and along your route, mile markers pinpoint your precise location.

State and country border notices give you a heads-up 5 miles before you reach a new state line or the border to a different country.

When you prefer to drive on certain streets or through specific towns, Easy Route Shaping lets you alter your drive. Just add a point to the route you see onscreen, and dēzl will reconfigure the drive for you.

If you are affected by after-sunset regulations, know local sunrise and sunset times. On the road and along your route, mile markers pinpoint your precise location.

State and country border notices give you a heads-up 5 miles before you reach a new state line or the border to a different country.

When you prefer to drive on certain streets or through specific towns, Easy Route Shaping lets you alter your drive. Just add a point to the route you see onscreen, and dēzl will reconfigure the drive for you.

Navigate Complex Interchanges with Ease

Only dēzl has Active Lane Guidance (ALG), technology that helps you navigate intersections and exits with greater confidence. Approaching your exit, you will see 2 images on screen: the left displays your route and the right is ALG. ALG is a live-action model that highlights the lane you need for your route and gives you time to move into that lane.

Thanks to photoReal junction view, you see exits as they appear in real life: in full color and great detail. Bird’s Eye junction view offers a detailed view of interchanges, looking down as if from overhead.

Works with the Smartphone Link App

Smartphone Link4 is a free app that lets you connect your dēzl with your smartphone. Once linked, the devices use your smartphone’s existing data plan to share information.

Smartphone Link also lets you access Garmin Live Services, useful real-time driving information that is available free and by-subscription. You may purchase premium content — such as advanced weather radar data and images from traffic cameras — within the app.

Download Smartphone Link for Android mobile device on the Google Play store. Download Smartphone Link for iPhone® mobile digital device from iTunes.

Customized Truck Routing2

dēzl is preloaded with detailed maps of North America and includes truck restrictions and related information for most major roads and highways. Input the specs of your rig and load, including height, weight, length, width and hazardous materials. dēzl matches your profile with a route selected to save you time, fuel and money. With the touch of a button, simple truck profile lets you easily swap trailer sizes.

With the onboard Trip Planner tool, create routes with multiple stops to drive now, or save for the future. dēzl guides you with clearly spoken turn-by-turn directions.

Spoken Directions Use Recognizable Landmarks

Spoken Garmin Real Directions guide like a friend, using recognizable buildings, landmarks and traffic lights, rather than hard-to-read or nonexistent street signs.

“Turn right after the QT.”

Truck-specific POIs and Services

Need help finding places to go? Locate points of interest that professional drivers care about – and have given high ratings to — including truck stops, weigh stations, parking, lodging, Wi-Fi® and more. You can even search and filter truck stops by brand name or by your preferred amenities such as showers, scales, Wi-Fi and truck wash. Our POI database now includes additional search information sourced from Foursquare®, adding millions of new and popular restaurants, shops, services and more in your area.

If the unexpected happens, you can make smarter decisions on the road. The Truck & Trailer Services directory lists more than 30,000 truck repair and service locations in the U.S. and Canada, including those offering after-hours road service.

Up Ahead

With the Up Ahead feature, you can easily find places you want without leaving the map. As you drive your route, Up Ahead constantly informs you of nearby services, including food, fuel and ATMs. Best of all, Up Ahead is customizable, so you can always know the location of favorite destinations along the way.

Lifetime Maps5 and Traffic6

dēzl truck navigators come preloaded with lifetime maps of North America. You can download the newest data for maps — and points of interest, too — with no monthly fees or maintenance costs for the lifetime5 of your device.

With dēzl, you can avoid traffic delays and learn of available detours to keep you moving. Some models offer Live Traffic when you pair dēzl to your smartphone using the Smartphone Link app, while other dēzl models include a Garmin traffic receiver cable. Learn more about Garmin traffic avoidance options.

Built-in Wi-Fi

The dēzl 580LMT-S navigator features built-in Wi-Fi, making it easier than ever to update your maps and software. No computer needed!


dēzl 580LMT-S comes preloaded with TripAdvisor data. View ratings for travel points of interest, such as hotels, restaurants and attractions, along your route or near your destination.

Dispatch and Track

dēzl 580LMT-S comes preloaded with a simple truck monitoring solution4. Easily track drivers from your own computer, and seamlessly communicate with drivers by sending text messages containing delivery addresses right to their dēzl navigators. Visit for important details and requirements.

Compatible with Garmin eLog Compliant ELD3

Take the easy route to compliance. The easy-to-use Garmin eLog electronic logging device is a simple, one-time purchase solution with no subscription fees. It automatically tracks and records hours of service (HOS), and it supports 9-pin and 6-pin J1708 diagnostic ports. You must download the Garmin eLog app to a compatible smartphone or tablet3 to complete your compliance solution.

Service History Log

The Service History Log on your dēzl allows you to keep track of tire mileage, tire changes, tire pressure, oil changes and more. Easily record dates, mileage and performed maintenance.

Bluetooth® Technology for Hands-free Calling7

Stay focused on the road, and talk hands-free. dēzl integrates Bluetooth wireless technology with a built-in microphone and speaker. Just add your compatible Bluetooth phone. dēzl 770LMTHD and dēzlCam can also be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled headset to make and receive phone calls — even conference calls.

See Behind Your Truck When Reversing

When paired with dēzl, our BC 30 wireless backup camera (sold separately) lets you easily see what’s behind your truck — to help minimize the risk of “blind zone” accidents whenever you’re in reverse. Rearview video right on your dēzl navigator’s screen enables you to easily spot vehicles, pedestrians and other obstructions.

Fleet Management

The dēzl platform is fully supported by the Garmin fleet management interface. In addition, dēzl complies with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations for automatic onboard recording devices, when integrated with authorized Garmin FMI partners.


dēzl 580LMT-S

Truck navigator with 5” display features customized truck routing2 with predictive route warnings. It includes a Truck & Trailer Services directory plus easy break planning with timely notifications. It also has voice control, Bluetooth hands-free calling7 and built-in Wi-Fi for easy map and software updates. Includes free Live Traffic when paired to your smartphone running the free Smartphone Link app.

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dēzl 770LMTHD

Our advanced truck navigator includes all the features available on our 570LMT model, now displayed on a larger 7” glass display. This model also includes HD Digital Traffic, with updates as often as every 30 seconds. dēzl 770LMT may be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled headset (sold separately) to make and receive phone calls.

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dēzlCam LMTHD

Our premium truck navigation solution combines all the great features for truckers from our 770LMTHD model, plus a built-in dash cam serves as your onboard eyewitness when you’re on the road. The Incident Detection (G-sensor) saves video footage on impact. The powered magnetic mount lets you easily remove or secure dēzlCam inside your cab.

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1 Notice: Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of this device. It is your responsibility to know and comply with applicable laws and rights to privacy in jurisdictions where you plan to use this device.

2 Not available in all areas. Entering your truck’s profile characteristics does not guarantee your truck’s characteristics will be accounted for in all route suggestions. Always defer to all posted road signs and road conditions.

3 Garmin eLog sold separately. Some dēzl navigators require GPS and Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone or tablet (sold separately) in order to view remaining hours on the navigation display.

4 To access live information, you must download the free Smartphone Link app. Requires Bluetooth-enabled smartphone (sold separately).

5 Lifetime Maps Terms & Conditions

6 See for details

7 Requires Bluetooth-enabled smartphone (sold separately)

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