inReach® Global
Satellite Technology

Off-grid Personnel Are No Longer out of Touch

Now, inReach technology can give you the power to contact and communicate with your teammates or work crews in any corner of the globe — to minimize risk, share real-time information and help promote safety of those on the job in remote or isolated places. The complete inReach solution also includes a robust back-office system for you to control the end-user experience, conduct team or asset tracking, access centralized billing and manage a fleet of devices.

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Stay Confidently Connected Worldwide

The inReach technology from Garmin provides the following capabilities:

Sends & receives text messages
Interactive 2-way S.O.S.
GPS navigation & tracking
Pairs with mobile
  • 2-way text messaging – Communicate between devices or to any phone number or email address — anywhere in the world.
  • Group messaging – You can also communicate with a group of inReach users — from your command center or from a group coordinator in the field.
  • Global interactive SOS – If an emergency occurs in the field, the 2-way SOS features allows for communication back and forth to relay the specific nature of the situation. In addition to the security of 24/7 SOS monitoring from GEOS, enterprises can design a custom emergency response protocol.
  • Location pinging and GPS tracking – Monitor users’ locations, ping devices in the field, and see where the rest of your team is on a cloud-based topographic map — all from your command center or basecamp. Adjustable tracking intervals from 30 seconds to 4 hours allow you to adjust for high-speed or stationary people or vehicles.
  • Navigation functions – Plan routes, create waypoints and share map data across multiple devices. In the field, users can mark waypoints, navigate and follow a high-detail bread crumb trail.
  • Customizable forms and data collection – Collect and report data in the field with customizable form messages to enable faster decision making.
  • Professional management portal – The complete inReach solution provides a robust back-office management portal for managing a fleet of devices, centralized billing, controlling the end users’ experiences and device settings, activating or suspending units, importing and sharing routes and waypoints across devices and other account management features.
  • Pairs with mobile devices – When paired with the Earthmate® app for smartphones and tablets, data collection, messaging and map viewing become even more efficient.

Affordable, Flexible Global Satellite Coverage

The Iridium satellite network used by inReach provides seamless 100 percent coverage worldwide — with no fringe zones or blackout areas to interrupt your operational communications.

Flexible, byte-based inReach airtime plans are designed to meet the unique needs of enterprise operations across multiple industries and geographies. We have extensive experience working with humanitarian aid organizations, search and rescue (SAR) organizations, summer camps, government and security agencies, oil and gas companies, outdoor guiding and outfitter services, adventure travel tour operators and study abroad programs — even off-road racing teams.