LakeVü HD Ultra with Max Def Lakes

LakeVü HD Ultra

with MaxDef Lakes

The ultimate in freshwater fishing, LakeVü HD Ultra includes the most detailed inland waters maps ever. It covers more than 17,000 total lakes across the U.S., of which 13,000 are HD lakes with up to 1' contours shoreline to shoreline, all on 1 card.

LakeVü HD Ultra lakes offers amazing precision and details. They give you valuable insight into bottom structure – helping you pinpoint exactly where to drop your line. You see shoreline features with dock outlines, fishing areas, campgrounds, boat ramps, marinas and more. You can also find submerged riverbeds, bridges, roads, fish attractors and potential hazards.

Exclusive Garmin surveyed MaxDef lakes deliver even more features and precision – they’re 10 times more accurate than any other lake map currently available. MaxDef lakes currently include 99 MaxDef lakes of the most popular fishing lakes in the U.S., and we’re adding more all the time.

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LakeVü HD

LakeVü HD provides maps for more than 17,000 bodies of water across the U.S. of which 13,000 are HD maps having up to 1' contours at all depths from shoreline to shoreline. Plus, Safety Shading enables you to input and shade a minimum depth to help you avoid shallow waters.

A Commitment to Accuracy

Garmin has invested heavily in the freshwater market; creating our own fleet of boats to survey lakes is just one of those investments. Use LakeVu HD Ultra with MaxDef lakes together with Garmin HD-ID™ sonar, DownVu and SideVu scanning sonar technology and the fish will have nowhere to hide!

LakeVü HD and LakeVü HD Ultra provide the most comprehensive lake data available, and they present it in the most simple, intuitive way possible. Together, they represent the bottom line in mapping detail.

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LakeVü HD LakeVü HD Ultra
Total Lakes 17,000+
U.S. Only
U.S. Only
HD Lakes with up to 1' Contours 13,000 13,000
Regional Breakdown All U.S. All U.S.
Navigation Info & Hazards
Fishing Areas & Underwater Features
POIs & Services, Roads/Bridges
Shallow (Safety) Shading
Use with Garmin HomePort Software
Depth Range Shading
for up to 10 ranges
13,000 HD 13,000 HD
Lake Facts 13,000 HD 13,000 HD
Garmin Surveyed MaxDef Lakes 40+ HD
Unprecedented Accuracy (MaxDef) 40+ HD
Sonar Imagery (MaxDef) 40+ HD
Surface & Side-scanned Photos (MaxDef) 40+ HD
High-resolution Relief Shading 13,000 HD
Satellite Imagery 13,000 HD
3-D Above & Below Waterline 13,000 HD
Dynamic Lake Level 13,000 HD
Auto Guidance 13,000 HD