Panoptix all-seeing sonar is unlike anything you’ve ever seen on the water. It gives you the ability to see all around your boat in real time and in 3 dimensions. Whether cruising or fishing, Panoptix transducers are available in Forward and Down configurations with mounting styles to suit your boating needs.

Panoptix Forward

There are three Panoptix Forward views, including LiveVü Forward, RealVü 3D Forward for fishing and FrontVü for collision avoidance. These are available on transducers with either transom or trolling motor mounts.

Panoptix unit

Panoptix Down

The Panoptix Down transducer delivers three remarkable views — LiveVü Down, RealVü 3D Historical and RealVVü 3D Down. These are available on transducers with either transom or thru-hull mounts.

Panoptix unit 1 Panoptix unit 2

Panoptix Compatible Products

All variations of Panoptix all-seeing sonar transducers are compatible with GPSMAP 8400/8600 series MFDs, GPSMAP 7400/7600 series, GPSMAP 1002/1202, GPSMAP 702/902 echoMAP CHIRP 90sv series, and echoMAP 70sv/70cv series chartplotter/sonar combos.

Product Lineup