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Dogs are part of the family, so become a better pet parent with help from products that aid in training, set wireless boundaries and positively reinforce your dog’s good behavior.

Keep the peace with your pet. Control nuisance barking with a slim, comfortable collar device that is ready to use, right out of the box. It works with the Garmin Canine app on your smartphone1, allowing you to remotely adjust settings and review bark history. Its rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 days on a full charge.

Dog wearing a Barklimiter 2

Selectable Corrections

Choose the correction that’s right for your dog. Use tone and vibration or up to 10 safe fixed correction levels. The BarkLimiter 2VT model uses tone and vibration prompts only.

Advanced Bark Technology

Accelerometer-based bark identification technology senses throat vibrations to distinguish your dog’s barks from other sounds. You can set the number of barks allowed before correction.

Fits All Breeds and Sizes

Both BarkLimiter models offer easy snap-and-go attachment to any collar up to 1” in width (a black collar strap is also included with each device). BarkLimiter 2VT features a smooth back for tone and vibration prompts. BarkLimiter 2 has comfortable, changeable plastic contacts — in long and short sizes — to accommodate all dog breeds and coat thicknesses.

This on-collar dog training device and activity tracker2 is controlled with your compatible smartphone1 and the free Garmin Canine app. It helps train your dog, monitor daily activity levels and also provides bark limiting behavior correction. Optional Keep Away Tags (sold separately or as a bundle) help deter your pet from areas off-limits, such as flower beds and trash cans.

Dog wearing a Delta Smart by Garmin

Customizable Training

Delta Smart lets you select the on-collar signal/correction prompts appropriate for your pet.

Use Your Smartphone

The free Garmin Canine app turns your smartphone or other mobile device into a remote handheld trainer. Use it to activate corrective tone, vibration or stim prompts.

Tag “No-go” Areas

Use optional Keep Away Tags (sold separately) to create geofenced (1’–3’ range) alert zones that help warn your pet away from gardens, trash cans, furniture and more.

Help keep your pets where they belong. This compact, portable dog containment, activity tracking2 and training system can set wireless boundaries for up to 2 dogs, anywhere within up to a 2-acre radius. It works with the Garmin Canine app on your smartphone1 to provide training features. It’s compatible with optional Keep Away Tags (sold separately or as a bundle) and includes built-in BarkLimiter technology.

Dog wearing a Delta Inbounds by Garmin

Set Wireless Boundaries

The Delta Inbounds base unit offers intuitive setup, so you can quickly set a containment area of up to 2 acres — roughly a 150’ radius — for up to 2 dogs.

No-fault Re-entry

If your dog breaches the boundary area, the clear return feature on your Delta Inbounds system allows re-entry without correction.

Mobile Protection

Unlike physical fences or buried invisible fences, your Delta Inbounds system is fully movable and reconfigurable. It can go where you go.

Garmin Canine Garmin Canine Garmin Canine

Garmin Canine

This free app turns your smartphone or other mobile device into a wireless handset that can be used to set up your household pet device and access its features.

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Training Videos

If you’re new to canine training or want to continue teaching your dog new tricks, check out our wide range of training tutorial videos from dog expert James Hamm. The Lonestar Dog Trainer has trained thousands of dogs in his career. He proudly uses Garmin training collars and is now featured in a series of helpful videos that will show you some of the amazing things you and your dog can accomplish together.

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James Hamm


Personalize your pet’s look, or find new ways to enjoy time with your pet with the help of these accessories.

Compare Models

BarkLimiter 2VT
BarkLimiter 2VT
Barklimiter 2
BarkLimiter 2
Delta Smart
Delta Smart
Delta Inbounds
Delta Inbounds
Built-in BarkLimiter with adjustable level settings
Autorise automatic setting
Bark Odometer via Garmin Canine app
Automatic setting
Manual setting
Easy to read LCD display
Smartphone compatible1
Short and long changeable contact points
Tone mode
Vibration mode
Momentary & continuous stimulation modes
Train multiple dogs more than 103 up to 2 dogs3
Water-resistant (IPX7) receiver receiver & transmitter
Long-lasting, user- batteries rechargeable rechargeable rechargeable replaceable & rechargeable
Range 30 ft indoors, 100 ft outdoors 2 Acre Containment Area

1 See for compatibility.

2Dog Activity Tracking Accuracy

3 With purchase of additional dog devices